Big John 'Dillinger' Harris is Straight Company's manager. After booking Straight Company for an event in the Greensboro area of N.C. where he resides he called Essej with a complaint about the course of our business transaction. Essej, of course took him to task and offered to meet with him. He and Jeff drove the 9 hours to Bro Harris' home and after much conferencing John offered his services and expertise to the group on a limited basis for a 12 month trial; he has been the manager for the group every since. This 6'4 270lb ex Marine's executive savvy and sharp business acumen enabled Straight Company to reach new heights and enlarge its fan base internationally and extend its ministry beyond the U.S border into many foreign countries. His organizational skills and fierce determination blended nicely with Essej's penchant for the unusual and both their constant quests for perfection led this group to accomplishments that still stand alone for accapella groups worldwide. Essej said, "I knew he had the spiritual basis and skills to do what we needed when Jeff and I sat with him and his wife Marie at his home... because he is an Elder (Friendly Avenue COC) and he began our meeting with the most unusual prayer and then handed us a list of what he saw, what he can visualize and what he could do to help facilitate it."  He personally, along with Essej, negotiated a National Recording Artist Agreement with one of the largest Christian Music companies in America, Benson Music Group, currently,Verity Records. He negotiated and hired Rendy Lovelady Assoc. of  Nashville, TN to guide the group thru the maze of touring and stage and the often complex world of the Music Industry. This association propelled Straight Company to reach the music charts with a Top Ten single (So Excited) and two Top Twenty singles (Don't Look Back, Good to Know) all produced by the industries top producers. So Excited hit 'with a bullet' and the group was tabbed to be the first act anywhere to use a new type equipment and technique called, Video Toaster, to do a self-titled video for the label. That production, which took some 38 straight hours to record and Benson's bet paid off when the video beat out D C Talk and Yalonda Adams to become the #1 Video of the Industry. It garnered worldwide airplay, including a 5 week stint on BET and is still in rotation in many countries. 'Dillinger' was brilliant in keeping the ten traveling members of the group spiritually grounded and team oriented thru the rapid-fire changes and "dips and swirls" as he calls them while it moved seamlessly from city to city, country to country. Nothing was done or is done without his hands on it and Straight Company is what it is today because of it. He is the God-ordained manager of Straight Company. 

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    Please Pray,use all your faith and believe GOD will unite me(Phil Chavez) and my soul mate together as soon as it is possible with GOD by any means necessary .Never been on a da...
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    Please offer Prayers 2 the LCCOC, we need yalls help so that we can make the right decision. TK u

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