Jesse 'Essej' Murrah'm so glad.mp3


                                   Mister Muse-ic


Jes' sing, Mister Music, with a

    voice that consumes the soul

Every note a musical delicacy,

     every line a gift unfolds

Sing where the summits

     await you then

Sing to the abyss

     of the sea

Exhaust from the depths

     of your being


Manifestations of


Unleash that power

    within you to

Renew, Redeem, and


Remind us of God's


And the wonders

    we've yet to adore

He calls you to sing

    God's son 


                                 You are the inspiration to be

                           You are not only "the music"

                           You are the 'muse' in me


                              Dedication to Essej

This site has been designed for and is dedicated to Jesse 'Essej' Murrah.

Because you have dedicated a lifetime to sharing with us what God has blessed you with--the ability to spread His message of love through song. Your love for your ministry and artistry is evident in your tireless efforts to entertain us for over 30 years.

You have touched the lives of many people around the world. You have given us unique, undeniably powerful, soul-stirring music; manifested from a place of great humility and sincerity--this will be the legacy which supersedes you for generations to come.

You are a master of your craft. You are a pioneer, a trendsetter, a visionary, and a trailblazer. You've accomplished what few have and what many aspire to do. The best is yet to come for YOU because YOU were the one chosen, a gift --'courtesy of God'.

For all the years, music, performances, and devotion you've given us, through the darkest hours or moments of loss and despair, when the value you've received did not always equate to the price you've paid, and in spite of all adversaries you've the end of the day embrace the comfort of knowing that  YOU TOUCHED OUR LIVES and were dearly LOVED.


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