Rep'n My Block

Listen... We've noticed the large amounts of you STRAIGHTNation peeps that frequent this site from all across the world and we are honored and humbled to have our message spread so far and wide. Germany, Nigeria, Bahamas, United Kingdom, Kinshasa, Canada, India, all across the US, and so many more...

So... we would really love to know who you are. Please, click on add a testimony and let us know what city, state, or country your "representing". If you like to leave a testimonial that is great too!

Quotes Thank U 4 Ur inspiritual music,i hav always been a Huge fan of yalls!I most certainly will keep Prayin 4 yall & please do so 4 me.Be Encouraged Quotes
Louisville Kentucky

Quotes I love this kind of music! Quotes
E. McIntosh
Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Quotes Thanks, I'm happy to be here. Quotes
Kinshasa, Africa

Quotes Luv you guys! Keep up the great work! Quotes
Chanel G.
Houston, Texas