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Listen... We've noticed the large amounts of you STRAIGHTNation peeps that frequent this site from all across the world and we are honored and humbled to have our message spread so far and wide. Germany, Nigeria, Bahamas, United Kingdom, Kinshasa, Canada, India, all across the US, and so many more...

So... we would really love to know who you are. Please, click on add a testimony and let us know what city, state, or country your "representing". If you like to leave a testimonial that is great too!

Quotes Sitting in my car charging my phone listening to Courtesy... You are amazingly gifted and talented!! I don't care when I listen to it and how much time has lapsed since I have heard it;I am always blessed, inspired, and challenge to continue in my faith and walk with God!! Thanks for making great music and ministering to the world. It's time for you to release your new music...the world awaits!!! Somebody Told Me...that you can and will be even greater in your ministry!!! :-)) Hope you are having a Great Day!!! Best, Quotes
Your forever friend

Quotes I have recently come across Straight Company on Youtube and I cannot get off the page! The song I play over and over is "I like it". I live in Lesotho Quotes
South Africa

Quotes "Thankful for You on today! Essej, never in my wildest dreams could I imagine I'd one day have the privilege to call you a friend...But it goes further..You're a mentor, an example, a much more than just a friend..And for me, it is an honor to learn from you and to share in your dream started Way back before I knew it existed..God's hand is on you..And I am here to keep your arms lifted. I know the load bears heavy sometimes...I know I'm not always Who or what I should be...but thank you for investing in me as you have! I love you and respect you highly! Thankful for you on this day! Quotes
G. J. Walker
New York

Quotes Hi Jesse. I thought I would let you know that while I was in the gym at work, a coworker who directs a choir at a Methodist church here in Dallas mentioned the "Music Makers." He spoke highly of you and your writing and arranging style...I thought you would be interested in knowing that someone way in Dallas mentioned you and your music ability. Quotes
J. Anderson

Quotes I have always loved good music Quotes
Detroit, MI

Quotes Hello. I'm a young fan. I've grown to love STRAIGHT Company music. My favorite song is For You from the Courtesy of God CD. Lovin' it... Quotes
Cha-Cha Bug
Katy, TX

Quotes Have been a supporter of your music for many, many years. I love this website and look forward to hearing much more from you! Quotes
Beaumont, TX

Quotes Hello I'm a child of God. I believe and trust in the Almighty God. I love to sing and one day be in a group Quotes
Nashville, TN

Quotes I look forward to getting to know saints from all over our brotherhood and thank you for having me here. Quotes
J. Bracken
Philadelphia, PA

Quotes I worship with the Donkorkrom church of Christ in Ghana. Quotes
Elorm F.
Ghana, Africa

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  • "I have always loved good music"
    Detroit, MI
  • ""Thankful for You on today! Essej, never in my wildest dreams could I imagine I'd one day have the privilege to call you a friend...But it goes further..You're a mentor, an exam..."
    G. J. Walker
    New York
  • "Thank U 4 Ur inspiritual music,i hav always been a Huge fan of yalls!I most certainly will keep Prayin 4 yall & please do so 4 me.Be Encouraged"
    Louisville Kentucky