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Frank Kell Mullins, Killa, as he is affectionately called by Essej, is the son of Essej's best friend, Frank "Moo' Mullins, of Tulsa, Okla. He was chosen to be a featured writer here because of his knowledge and love of the groups music. Since an early age he, along with his brother, Adrian (All Day), basically studied Straight Company and because of close ties to Essej and Jeff and the group became somewhat of an authority on it's musical history. His perspective and his 'Take on the various songs' always interested Essej and he was so sharp and on point he was invited to do a weekly article and give the world a history and his take on the many Straight Company's musical offerings as well as tidbits of info unknown to the general public. Tune in weekly as he shares what he hears from the songs, their nuances and you, too, will enjoy Killa's Take On the music...

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Posted by Administrator on March 5, 2012 at 2:21 PM

This is a sample podcast in preparation (and anticipation) of Dillinger's Minutes!

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