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So you found the person that you want to be with and every thing is going so wonderfully. He is attentive and responsive, kind and gracious, and supportive. Well the honeymoon period in every relationship "normally" is. It's after that when we begin to ask the hard questions why? what happen? So, many of us strive to hold on and make right what once was. Yuuup!!!! Because we think that if we do more, try harder, endure, persevere the other will value all of the wonderful blessings that you truly are. Yes, you are beautiful and worthy of reciprocated, unequivocated love.


However, this is not the time to push this is the time to pull... pull away! We've all heard it before--never make someone your priority that makes you their option. So, how do you know if he really is just not that into you...and there is no other single piece of advise that I could offer...remove yourself from the equation and after what falls away is what you truly have.


Break it down? Gladly. If you are the only one calling, stop calling. If you are the only one planning, stop planning. If you are the only one giving, stop giving... Then evaluate what you really have and asked your self some really hard, honest questions.


I've found this true in so many aspects of life. So always be constantly aware of whatever the situation is. Notably, there may be reasons why a person is not that into you. Perhaps, you (Yes, you. Be honest.) don't leave room for someone else to be in the relationship because you're doing everything. It kinda makes them lazy, dependent, and complacent. Not a very good idea. Or perhaps, you are the option in lieu of the next best thing. Either way... 


That said, if the relationship is something you value persue it--BUT knowing all alone what the end result might be. Prepare yourself that you may not get the return on your investment to minimize future heartache and distress or you can acknowledge your time is more valueable and would be better spent with someone who values, appreciates, and loves you; accepts your gifts, and reciprocates in kind. 


What do you think? Got Questions? Leave me a reply.




In Him,


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