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Okay, there are so many variables to men as heads of the household.

Unfortunately, the selection pool is tainted by drugs, incarceration, genocide, and those frankly who are not marriage material. Those issues not withstanding let's assume you were deemed worthy to be married to... Now what? Hopefully, as a child you were taught or shown the responsibilities of being the leader of the family. If not, do yourself a favor and learn before you say I do.

As a man your primary responsibility is to provide for your family--financially, emotionally, socially... Men love their wives and take pleasure with great effort in making her happy. The dichotomy of every family is different; therefore, roles are undefined. Meaning, if your wife pays the bills, schedules the appointments, attends the children etc., is determined by what works for individual family units; however, as a man your role is to ensure it gets done.

Women like men to be actively involved in what occurs in the home. If your life revolves around work, sleep, television, Internet, or gaming and you are unaware of what happens with the children's school activities, you allow the lawn to go unkept, household maintenance undone you should reconsider how you define being head of the household.


In Him,


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