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The Lord calls wives to be submissive to their husbands, as help meets, lovers, etc. Yes, we are going there!!!! First, I would say that the key to a successful marriage and one's ability to be submissive or head is to know what you are marrying, before you say I do. In my counseling I've offered the suggestion of putting that person behind the wheel of a car, sit back, and observe.

Nevertheless, I don't believe submission should be an if/then or either/or situation. Okay, I know what your thinking. He don't __________. Well, there is a difference between he don't and he won't. That is why you've got to be clear before you say I do. He don't may be, he don't know how or he needs your love and support.

Ladies, there is no other, more beautiful thing than to be submissive to your spouse. "Spouse"! To love someone so much that you put them above everyone and everything else, and trust someone so much you place that person in control of your livelihood. It is scary because it is so powerful. Yes, he may fail or not get it exactly right, but give him grace...the grace we all deserve for our imperfections, right?

I know my super, ultra, mega, no-none-sense sisters what your thinking and I was reared to be a dance or get off the floor type of woman too; however, I have learned to take things far less seriously, be far less controlling, and to appreciate the beauty of saying I choose you. And because I choose are getting all of me and I am accepting all of you!


In Him,


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