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Do we owe our families unconditional love? I think we should give our family members unconditional love; however, I do not believe we owe unconditional love to anyone except our children. Children are the most innocent bi-products of who we are. However, adults (who once were children) can be manipulating, calculating, abusive, cruel, and hurtful and should be regarded as such. I don't believe it is owed to the family or family member to extended 'unconditional' love at the expense of your happiness, security, or well-being. 

I make the point of referring to adults as once children because the relationship with our adult children can be the most painful and toxic relationship. As such, my point remains the same...tough love. However, my prayer is we all never need it.

Nevertheless, for young children, I think unconditional love teaches children to accept negative, abusive relationships as normal, acceptable behavior. It gives a false, negative sense of what love and family is suppose to be.


In Him,


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