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Straight Company began their odyssey over thirty years ago as a concept in the mind of one man. Their sound is just as sharp, vivid, and intense as it was in the beginning. They have only gotten better with time. From the moment this group mounts the stage and before a single note is sang, the audience senses that something special is about to happen. They are not disappointed! Something special always happens when Straight Company is present.

What Essej (the Group's Founder & Leader) wanted all those many years ago was the blended sounds of his African heritage with the sounds of the American street scene to create a new and exciting style and sound that is uniquely Straight Company. The result is truly astounding and very, very special.

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Straight Company is like a musical magnet, drawing together many diverse musical styles then transforming them into something uniquely their own. Although they have experimented with various styles and formats over the years, they remain true to their a'capella roots and continue to deliver vibrant, airtight harmonies, reminiscent of nothing you have heard before. Everything that went into making Straight Company such a breath of fresh air over the last 30 years is still prevalent in their music, stage presence, lyrics, deliverance, and sincerity.
They have a love for their work because, after all, it is a good and noble task, filled with love of God and their fellow man.
God blessed Straight Company with an abundance of musical talent to captivate the listener and force a smile...and at those very special moments--a tear. The lyrics, the melodies, the breadth, and depth of their renditions leave one wondering how this is possible with vocal chords alone. Many remark, "Surely, there must be some musical tracks running in the background?" I assure you there are none.

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Straight Company is an experienced touring group who has  performed all over the United States and in many foreign countries. They have performed at small, private affairs as well as for heads of state, such as for Vice President Al Gore. They've performed at national and regional conventions and major theme parks, such a Six Flags and Disney World. They are a national recording artist who has seven CDs and an award winning DVD on the market.
Whether live, on CD or DVD, Straight Company has a way of captivating you with “their” sound and once they have your attention, the lyrics and the power of the message will really touch your heart in a very special way. Yes, you too will feel the same love and joy in your heart that thousands before you have felt.  Don’t believe it? Go ahead, pop one of the CD’s into your player and have a listen, you’ll feel better for the experience.

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