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He did it again. America has spoken and the minority should embrace the opportunity to reflect and deflect. Way to go Mr. President, again. I can't say that you ran the best campaign this re-election but the bottomline is in the end you pulled it together and pulled it off remarkably. 

Since the election I can't help but notice the difference in your demeanor and to that I will say, at last. I suppose you are such a visionary that you took far more than any President or leader should have; therefore, you gave nothing for others to use against you. But, what a difference a day makes. You answer in absolute terms and you've stopped entertaining stupidity. 

The upside for me in this moment is that  you are still in the first term so there is so much more time for us to enjoy you and the opportunities you will bring. 

The Republican Party grossly underestimated the President and We The People, with idiotic distractions about the mans choices in jeans, animals, swingsets, and refused to acknowledge poverty is  multi-racial, multi-cultural issues. Least we forget African Americans only comprise 12.6% of the population. Hispanics had significant issues and cause to vote and...well...the leadership of George Bush that sank the ship which impacted the heart of working class America. They bad!


In Him,


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Thank you for your dedication and support over the years.  --Essej

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